Welcome to Allied Credit Group Inc., a full service credit consultation and credit services agency helping individuals and businesses with all their credit needs. We are a team of professional financial professionals with a specialty based in credit and funding. We work with you exclusively to help you resolve any credit problems and achieve any credit goals.

Our Mission

To ensure individuals and businesses are not limited in any aspect because of low credit, bad credit, or similar credit concerns by providing extensive and professional credit building, credit restoration, and credit consultancy services.

Our Solutions

At Allied Credit Group, anything related to credit is our expertise. We specialize in credit restoration and credit building for individuals, help families understand their credit score, offer credit consultancy and money management, etc. We also provide businesses help with establishing and building business credit, assisting with document preparation and business startup services. Furthermore, we offer trade lines to individuals and businesses who are seeking to improve their credit score. At the end of the day, all your problems related to credit can be solved with Allied Credit Group Inc.– you can count on that!

Allied Credit Group is proud of the fact that we have helped countless individuals and families get their life back and businesses achieve full freedom through our services. The people working this company are passionate about what we do and we look forward to extending our trusted services and solutions to you as well. We will see your individual situation and then provide the best solution to approach it with our credit management and restoration services. Our goal is to help as many individuals, families, and businesses as possible.

We are open to contact. For any questions, concerns, or information, contact us today.

Ty Griffin
Certified Credit Specialist, CEO
Muriel M.
Credit Restoration Associate